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January 28, 2010

Busy week!

Have you ever had a day or week where you felt really busy, but didn’t actually get anything done?  That is this week for me.  I’ve been see-sawing between crazy busy and stupid bored at work, and home has felt the same.  Friday cannot come fast enough!  On Saturday we are going to pick up a wedding present and I can’t wait.  My husband’s aunt very generously offered us one of her gorgeous paintings as a wedding gift, and it is ready for pick-up.  This is our first real piece of art, and we have had the spot picked for months!

A highlight of my week so far has been receiving my Glo Bars that I ordered last week during Oh She Glow‘s sale for Haiti.  I bought the X’s and Glo’s Variety Pack featuring the new Adore bar, and boy is it great. The flavour of the bar is “S’more with homemade graham cracker.” The graham crackers give the bar a nice added crunch, and the vegan marshmallows and non-dairy dark chocolate are delicious.  At 233 calories these bars are a great snack (especially pre-workout!) and with 18% of your daily fibre and 10% of your daily protein(for the Adore bar), Glo Bars are wayyyy healthier than the vending machine treats that always call my name at about 3pm.  I just can’t say enough about them, everyone should check them out!

So how do you deal with busy weeks? What’s your favourite way to unwind on the weekend?