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April 5, 2010

2010 Resolution Update

Since the first quarter of 2010 is over, I thought an update on my New Years Resolutions would be appropriate.

My goals were:

1. Be more social in real life and online:  Check! I have spent a lot more time with my friends this year than I got to last year, and it feels so good!  Online, I am slowly building my name and it’s going pretty well.  I found out that some of the “Blog all-stars” (blog-stars?) that I follow all the time are actually reading my blog, so I must be doing something right!  I hope to extend my network over the summer by attending a few conferences (Healthy Living Summit maybe??) so resolution #1 is a big check for me!

2. Run 2 half-marathons in 2010: check-in-progress! I am training for a race in May, and I am hoping against hope that I will be ready for it!  I’m starting to feel more confident about my running skills, and I’m adding distance very easily, so things are looking good!!

3.  Eat better: Half-check? I have been trying to eat better, but I always slide back to the fast-food standbys.  Not driving my car to work is helping, and I think I am going to make a weekly commitment to not buy my lunch from Wendy’s!  That is my weakness, and I WILL avoid it.  There are many many other lunch options that are more healthy, more satisfying, and cheaper. What is your go-to lunch when you’re on the go/at work? I need ideas!!

4.  Travel: Check!  Hubby and I went to the Dominican Republic in March, and it was wonderful from beginning to end!  Like I said in #1 above, I would like to travel to maybe 1 or 2 conferences in the summer/fall, and maybe a weekend to NYC in there somewhere?  We will have to see where life takes us!!

So those were the resolutions I made in January, and I think I’m doing ok so far, except for the eating.  I know that making my goals SMART is the best way to achieve them, so for resolution #3 here is the new revised goal:

  • I will get at least 6 servings of fruit/veggies each day for the month of April
  • I will not buy Wendy’s for lunch or dinner any day in April
  • I will eat out at MAX 2 times per week, depending on current social plans (rehearsal brunch and wedding coming up in the next 2 weeks!)
  • I will eat intuitively for fuel and sustenance, and not because of boredom and mindlessness.

So there you have the 1/4 year update for 2010. Did you make resolutions this year?  How are they going?

February 11, 2010


I went to the Dr on Tuesday, and he told me that I need to get x-rays on my ankles, to check for stress fractures.  I’m going on Saturday, but until then no running.  I’m feeling the pressure of not meeting my goals, an not being ready for my race.  My Dr recommended that I check out Crossfit to build my endurance without logging so many miles, but it looks really intense!  I’m not really sure where to start with something like that, has anyone ever tried it?

I’m trying to stay positive about this setback, but the doubts keep creeping into my brain.  Maybe I jinxed myself when I called myself a runner last week?