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April 5, 2010

2010 Resolution Update

Since the first quarter of 2010 is over, I thought an update on my New Years Resolutions would be appropriate.

My goals were:

1. Be more social in real life and online:  Check! I have spent a lot more time with my friends this year than I got to last year, and it feels so good!  Online, I am slowly building my name and it’s going pretty well.  I found out that some of the “Blog all-stars” (blog-stars?) that I follow all the time are actually reading my blog, so I must be doing something right!  I hope to extend my network over the summer by attending a few conferences (Healthy Living Summit maybe??) so resolution #1 is a big check for me!

2. Run 2 half-marathons in 2010: check-in-progress! I am training for a race in May, and I am hoping against hope that I will be ready for it!  I’m starting to feel more confident about my running skills, and I’m adding distance very easily, so things are looking good!!

3.  Eat better: Half-check? I have been trying to eat better, but I always slide back to the fast-food standbys.  Not driving my car to work is helping, and I think I am going to make a weekly commitment to not buy my lunch from Wendy’s!  That is my weakness, and I WILL avoid it.  There are many many other lunch options that are more healthy, more satisfying, and cheaper. What is your go-to lunch when you’re on the go/at work? I need ideas!!

4.  Travel: Check!  Hubby and I went to the Dominican Republic in March, and it was wonderful from beginning to end!  Like I said in #1 above, I would like to travel to maybe 1 or 2 conferences in the summer/fall, and maybe a weekend to NYC in there somewhere?  We will have to see where life takes us!!

So those were the resolutions I made in January, and I think I’m doing ok so far, except for the eating.  I know that making my goals SMART is the best way to achieve them, so for resolution #3 here is the new revised goal:

  • I will get at least 6 servings of fruit/veggies each day for the month of April
  • I will not buy Wendy’s for lunch or dinner any day in April
  • I will eat out at MAX 2 times per week, depending on current social plans (rehearsal brunch and wedding coming up in the next 2 weeks!)
  • I will eat intuitively for fuel and sustenance, and not because of boredom and mindlessness.

So there you have the 1/4 year update for 2010. Did you make resolutions this year?  How are they going?

March 3, 2010

Running Myths Pt 2: The Perfect Shoe

In Running Myths Pt 1 I discussed the costs involved in running, and what my essentials are.  For my next installment of Running Myths I wanted to discuss something very near and dear to any runner’s heart: shoes.

Shoes are a very personal and unique thing for most people, and it can be a challenge to find that “perfect pair.”  Every person I asked in my circle of friends had a different answer to my question “What is the best running shoe?”  The answer is, there is no perfect shoe, but there may be a shoe that is perfect for you.

Last Sunday I visited my local Running Room to get myself some new shoes with the gift cards I got for Christmas.  My ankles have been bothering me of late, and everyone I talked to told me I needed to go to the Running Room and get fitted.

When I got there, a very nice lady told me to take off my shoes and socks, and roll up my pants.  She had me do some squats, walk the length of the store, and then jog the length of the store, in my bare feet.  After she had seen what she needed to see, we turned to the wall of shoes.

“What size are you?”


“oh. Hmmm.  I don’t think we have any…”

“it’s ok, I’m fully prepared to wear men’s shoes”

This has become a familiar refrain for me over the years, something I’ve gotten used to.  I have accepted the fact that 99% of the time, the cute pink or purple women’s shoes don’t come in my size.  (Shoe manufacturers: why? girls with big feet need cute running shoes too!)  So I try on 5 or 6 pairs of very manly men’s shoes, running laps around the store to get a feel for the support and motion control, the 2 biggies for my particular feet.  After about 1/2 an hour of trying shoes, I was getting closer and closer to my ultimate shoe:

The Beast by Brooks

This shoe is awesome.  It keeps my feet in line with excellent support and cushioning, and actually looks pretty spiffy.  My ankles are feeling better, and I can feel the muscles in my legs working the way they’re supposed to, rather than working to correct my ankle problems.  A+!  They were a little high on the price scale at $150ishCAD, but shoes are something I am always to pay for.  I have never owned a pair of Brooks shoes before, but count me as a loyal Brooks customer from now on!

Is this the perfect shoe? Maybe.  Is it the perfect shoe for me? Right now it is.

The very kind lady at the Running Room also showed me a new way to tie my shoes. I know this isn’t a new thing by any means, but I had never heard about it before!  Lace Locking is pretty much the best thing ever.  It keeps my foot in place, and makes my shoe feel more secure without giving me that weird pain across the top of my foot that I get when I pull the laces too tight regularly.  The diagaram on the website shows you 3 different ways to lock your laces, with very clear pictures for demonstration.  If you’ve never tried it before, I highly recommend it!

What is your favourite brand/type of running shoe?  Do you have any tricks or “hacks” that you use to enhance your shoes?  Let me know!

February 19, 2010

Running Myths Pt 1.

Good evening and welcome to my new series!  I wanted to take on some common running myths, and if I think they have truth in them.  Todays topic: Is running cheap exercise or a money pit?

Earlier this week, Tall Mom on the Run posted about a contest to win a few of her “running essentials.”  She made the point that running is generally purported to be an inexpensive sport, but costs can quickly add up.

It’s been said that all you need to run is a good pair of shoes, but even those can run $150.00+! When you add in technical clothing, water bottles or backpacks, fuels like goos and chews, and music players and other gadgets, you can really run up a tab!  Now, I’m  not saying that you NEED any of those things to be a successful runner, I’m certain that some of the most successful runners use none of the above.  For myself, I find that the following “essentials” help me through a run:

  1. good-fitting shoes:  I am in desperate need of a new pair of shoes, will be picking up a pair this weekend hopefully!
  2. my iPod & Skullcandy earbuds:  I posted before about running without music, and while the experiment was a success, I always feel better when I have music playing.  As for the headphones, I have 2 pairs of the same earbuds, and I love them.  They’re cheap, block a lot of noise, fit well, and don’t fall out.  I have also bought them for my husband, who kept taking mine, and my mom, because my brother ran off with hers!  They both use these headphones regularly, and have no complaints.
  3. my SIGG 1L water bottle:  Gotta have water.  I drink 2 bottles-full at work per day, and then another bottle-full during/after the gym.  It keeps the water cool, and is easy to handle.  If I was running outside, I would definitely have to reconsider because it is a bit on the heavy side, and would be awkward to carry in my hand.
  4. My Garmin 305: this was a Christmas gift from my lovely parents-in-law, and I haven’t had much opportunity to try it out, but I do love seeing my heart rate change over the entire run, as well as comparing my stats from the run before.  I am really looking forward to warmer weather so I can really work this out.

Those are the “essentials” that I feel help me succeed when I’m running, what are your running/workout essentials?  Need your tunes, or love the silence of a run?  Do you run in the most current tech clothes, or in a pair of comfy sweats?  Let me know!

P.S. Enter Tall Mom’s “Running Essentials” contest to win some of her favourite gear!