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April 27, 2010

Soul Searching

I have been thinking about my future a lot lately.  I feel like I’m in limbo where my career is concerned.  I had a good grasp on all of my classes in high school, but I never really had that 1 thing that I was great at, or that I always wanted to do.  I could have chosen to do a liberal arts degree in History or English (nothing against people with those degrees, just not for me) but instead I started out in a BComm program, with the thought of majoring in HR or Marketing.  For my own reasons, I did only 1 semester of that program.

The next fall, I started a new program, Hotel Management.  This program was at a school far enough away to warrant staying in residence, which was a nice change for me (but not great for DH, as he was the one driving to see me all the time).  I did a year of this program, but was still not sure how to parlay this program into a career.  I switched schools again.

This one was closer to home, and a great program that I thought was just perfect for me: Events Management.  I’m organized, detailed, and can coordinate the crap out of any event.  I very much enjoyed this program, but when an amazing job opportunity came along, I decided to leave the school to try and pay off some of my student loans.

Since then I have had a new job every year, and am still in debt.  I mostly enjoy the job I have now, but lately I have been thinking: How much longer do I want to be someones assistant?  Will I be fulfilled with this job 5/10/15 years from now?  Sometimes my brain says yes, more often than not, it says no.

So what is a girl to do?  I have been researching different programs at local universities, but I still can’t decide!  I love marketing, I could do that as a career for sure.  I’m also interested in food and nutrition, and that would be a huge change from everything I have done before.  A few of my friends have recently made the decision to go back to school, and I’m wondering: Should I?  I am 99% sure that without a degree, I will never have the job satisfaction I desire, but is it worth it to spend more money, and 4 years, to get a degree that may or may not bring me that satisfaction?

How did you decide your career path?  Do you feel fulfilled with the job you have now?  Let me know!

April 20, 2010

Bug in Mouth Disease

Running outside is 1,000,000% better than running on a treadmill.  Fresh air, beautiful scenery, the change in terrain, it all makes for a great run!  The one bad thing about running outside is: The Bugs.

I usually run after work, around 5:30-6pm.  In my area, that is prime bug spotting time.  There are gigantic swarms of gnats, and they fly around in thick groups!  So, as I’m sure every runner knows, you get some in your mouth/nose when you run through a cloud of these teeny tiny bugs.  I used to try and swat them away, but I’ve come to accept the bugs as a normal part of running outside.  They don’t really bother me anymore, and I think somehow they know this.  Ever since I accepted the bugs, they seem to move away from me as I run by.

As a Tuesday funny: here is the cartoon from the wonderful people at Homestar Runner that inspired the title of this post: Bug in Mouth Disease *Warning: Sound!*

What  annoyances do you face while running?

April 8, 2010

Confession Time

Well I have a confession to make, mostly to myself.

I started this blog in January to share my journey to healthy living.  Since then, I have been running approximately 3x per week, and trying to make healthy substitutions and reduce my portion sizes when I eat.  So what’s my confession you ask?

I have not lost any weight since I started.

Well, that’s not 100% true.  I was down about 6 pounds before I went on vacation in March, but that weight has almost all come back.

Now I know that weight loss is never instant, and you have to work on fitness and healthy eating to see weight loss.  But it’s still very discouraging to never see the numbers on the scale budge.  I know my body has changed since I started running, I can see it in my calves and thighs, and my hubby says I’m getting a “yoga bum.”

I think this is one of the reasons I have been having some writer’s block since we got back from vacation.  I haven’t wanted to update my race training, or my weight loss, because neither thing has improved.  I am still huffing and puffing just as much as when I started this training, and it’s making me worry that I won’t be ready to run a 1/2 marathon at the end of May.

Another confession: I am disappointed in myself that I haven’t made better progress.  I know that I should be proud of what I have accomplished, but the type-A personality in my head is drowning me in guilt for not going for a run tonight, or for eating some Easter chocolate.

Obviously these are some issues that I need to work through, and I do have a wonderful support network that is always there for me, but I wanted to know:

How have you beat the bully in your head?  What do you do to get yourself out of a “funk’? If you’ve written about it on a blog, post a link and I will do a follow-up later in the week with links!