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January 19, 2010

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!

I dislike unnecessary waste.  I do my best to recycle and reuse things as many times as possible before I have to throw them away.  I bought 2 boxes of Christmas cards at 50% off during boxing week, and when I added the cards and envelopes to my box of cards, I didn’t want to throw these cute little boxes out.

100_0692 100_0700

I pulled out a roll of wrapping paper , a fun pink damask that I bought 2 years ago.  This paper has been sitting in my stash un-used because it is very thin/cheap feeling, and I don’t like wrapping presents with it.  It is however, the perfect thickness for wrapping around these boxes!  All it took was a little glue, and some folding and cutting magic, and et voila!  2 pretty boxes for my desk in about 30 minutes, and for $0!

100_0701 100_0704

What will they hold?  the top one is holding my favourite go-to pen for everyday writing, Bic GripRollers. The other box holds various other pens, pencils, and Sharpies.

100_0709 100_0710

Are you crafty?  Do you have any projects that you’re particularly proud of? Please share!

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