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April 9, 2010

I feel like I just made 100 new friends!

Last night, was the 2nd week in a row I participated in the  #fitblog Tweet/Chat, and it was incredible.  Self-proclaimed “Social Media Producer/Healthy Living Advocate/Cook Chick” Katy Widrick moderated the hour-long chat and provided us with thought-provoking questions like “The definition of healthy” and “The weirdest food you’ve discovered.”

I can honestly say that the bloggers and tweeters that participated in this chat are some of the most amazing people.  Every person was supportive and insightful.  There was no negativity, which was wonderful.  When asked to brag about our recent accomplishments, the congrats and encouragement were flying so fast I could barely keep up.

Even though I’ve only been a part of it for a short time, I feel honoured to be a part of the Healthy Living community, you all are amazing!!!!

P.S. I updated the Recipes page with my Oatmeal Recipe!

January 7, 2010

my love affair with Coke part 1

My love affair with Coke is long.  From the time I was 13 or 14, there was always pop in our house.  Dad always had a can to take with his lunch, and my little brother and I would drink one after school.  Not every day, but enough that we knew we loved Coke.  I have always preferred Coke to Pepsi, enjoying that little bit of extra sweetness with my cola.  Flash forward a few years to the 12th grade, when I was (un)lucky enough to have home room directly connected to the cafeteria, where there was always fresh cookies and cokes to buy.  This led to a one-a-day habit that lasted the whole year.

In college, I soon found out that the easiest thing to pick me up from that 3pm slump, or keep me going when I was up late studying, was a Coke!  I had to keep them in my room so no one would take them, so they were always right where I could see them, calling out to me.

I kicked the habit when I started working full time with no easy access to a vending machine, and stayed off if for a while, but lately I’ve noticed it creeping back in in a very sneaky way…

Are you a Coke or a Pepsi person? Would you rather drink coffee or tea? Or are you one of the lucky souls who doesn’t depend on any caffeine to get you through the day?

Stay tuned for the ongoing tale of the Coke-monster!

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January 5, 2010

Being Healthy Before Starting a Family

Good evening!

One of my main motivations for getting fit and healthy is my desire to start a family.

Our tentative timeline for “starting to try” to have kids is around my 25th birthday, July 2011.  I feel  that I need to be in the best physical shape possible before we start to do that, for a few reasons.

The first is that losing weight and being healthy will significantly decrease my chances of developing complications such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

The second reason is that I need the next 18 months to develop the healthy habits that I want to maintain during my pregnancy and instill in my family as it grows, such as taking a multi-vitamin with folic acid, drinking more water, exercising regularly, and choosing healthier foods.

My third reason for getting healthy is that I just don’t want to haul around the weight I am now, plus a baby!  I feel like doing these things before I want to get pregnant will arm me in the best possible way to deal with motherhood in a healthy, active way, rather than my current couch-potato way.

What are your motivations to get fit and healthy?  Do they have anything to do with your current or future family?

Stay tuned for a new recipe that hubby and I concocted for dinner tonight!