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February 5, 2010

I think I might actually be a runner now…

I ran my longest distance on Wednesday, 5km(3.1mi)!  It took me 46 minutes, running 2, walking 1.  This feels like a HUGE accomplishment for me.  When I ran for the first time in September 2009, I did 2 miles in 40 minutes, running 1, and walking 2/3/4 minutes in between.  Since then, I had a bout with Runner’s Knee, which I now know was from pushing myself too hard at the beginning.  I have also had some pain in my ankles during/after running, which has hindered my progress a lot.

Nevertheless, I feel like I can actually call myself a runner now.  Why now?  In the past week, I have caught myself thinking “when is the next time I can go running?” or “when can I squeeze some time at the gym for a run?” or “I can’t wait until Saturday, when I have more time for a longer run!”  Up until September, I never would have imagined that these thoughts would cross my mind, and now, I can’t wait until my next run!

I haven’t lost any of my post-wedding weight since I started to run, having also gradually changed my diet to include more fresh fruit and veg, and less fast and processed foods.  However, I have noticed some physical changes.  Firstly, my butt.  I have noticed that it is firmer now that it was before, my husband says it looks like a “yoga butt” now.  I have also noticed changes in my calves and thighs – muscle definition where there was none before.  All in all, I think I’m actually starting to buy into this running business, and hopefully creating some life-long habits in the process.

Also: I’m updating my blog roll today, all of these bloggers inspire me in some part of my life, so share the blog love with them!

January 14, 2010

2010 fitness goals

The community at FitSugar (too bad I can’t enter their contest!) is talking about 2010 fitness goals, and I thought I would share mine with you. You already read my new year’s resolutions, here is my fitness plan for the coming year.

1. get into running shape. Since starting to run in September, I have really enjoyed the mental benefits of running. I always leave the treadmill feeling better that I did when I got on (Emotionally at least). I fall into the rhythm of my feet and my breathing and zone out. If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I ran my first sub-15 minute mile earlier this week. That is a huge accomplishment for me, but there is still far to go. My next goal is to run for 5 minutes straight without stopping.

2. Run 2 half-marathons in 2010. I am registered for the Toronto Women’s 1/2 in May, and I am working hard to get myself in running shape. There is another race in late October/early November that I would love to run, because it’s in my hometown, and the route along the lake is very nice.
3. Be able to do 25 “manly” pushups. Right now, I can do 1. Kind of. I’m thinking about doing the 100 pushup challenge. Anyone want to join me?

I feel that all of these things will help me towards my major goal of feeling fit enough to start a family, which is a goal I wish to accomplish approximately 18 months from now.

What are your goals for 2010? Anyone else running the same race as me? Share!

January 12, 2010

What keeps you going when you’re running?

I read an article at FitSugar today which made me think about what keeps me going when I’m running.  The author talks about going for a run without her customary IPod, and the results she got.

When I got to the gym last night, I realized that I had forgotten my earbuds.  Panic washed over me to a ridiculous degree.  My internal dialogue was going something like this:

“Oh crap! I don’t have my headphones, what will I do? How will I run? I wonder if that lady who’s leaving will sell me her earbuds?”

That’s right.  I was so dependant on my music to run with, that I actually (very briefly) considered asking a lady in the changeroom if she would sell me hers.

So I slapped some sense into myself, and decided that I would go out there and run, no matter what!  I got onto the tread (dread?) mill, and lo and behold, ran my first-ever sub-15 minute mile, with no Estelle, Jay-Z, Queen, or songs from the “Glee” cast pushing me along.  Now that may not be a huge achievement to some of you, but to a girl who’s motto was “I don’t run for anything or anywhere. Ever.” this time last year, I am pretty proud of myself.  I feel strong, fit, and ready to take on the next goal – Run for 5 minutes without stopping for a walk break!

Running my best time ever without my usual motivation has got me thinking. What keeps you going when you’re running?  What do you think about running with music vs running without it?  Share your opinions, I’d love to hear them!