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March 25, 2010

Diet Changes

I noticed something when I was on vacation.  For 7 days, the only dairy product I ate was yogurt with my breakfast.  When we got home, I noticed a difference.  My skin was clearing up and my stomach was feeling much less bloaty and gross than it usually does.  I decided that it was time for an experiment.

I have decided to go off milk for the foreseeable future.  I have replaced the milk in my morning Green Monster with almond milk.  It’s a tasty replacement that I don’t mind at all.  I haven’t actually built up the courage to have a glass of it by itself, but maybe soon!

In other dairy related news: I finally found Greek yogurt at the grocery store!!! I have been searching for it everywhere I went, and finally it appears!  I had my first cereal + fruit + yogurt concoction and it was delicious.  Yogurt doesn’t seem to bother my stomach like milk does, so I’m going to get really creative with my yogurt in the next few days!!!

What’s your favourite breakfast food, or your favourite yogurt combo?? Let me know!!

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