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April 20, 2010

Bug in Mouth Disease

Running outside is 1,000,000% better than running on a treadmill.  Fresh air, beautiful scenery, the change in terrain, it all makes for a great run!  The one bad thing about running outside is: The Bugs.

I usually run after work, around 5:30-6pm.  In my area, that is prime bug spotting time.  There are gigantic swarms of gnats, and they fly around in thick groups!  So, as I’m sure every runner knows, you get some in your mouth/nose when you run through a cloud of these teeny tiny bugs.  I used to try and swat them away, but I’ve come to accept the bugs as a normal part of running outside.  They don’t really bother me anymore, and I think somehow they know this.  Ever since I accepted the bugs, they seem to move away from me as I run by.

As a Tuesday funny: here is the cartoon from the wonderful people at Homestar Runner that inspired the title of this post: Bug in Mouth Disease *Warning: Sound!*

What  annoyances do you face while running?