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April 19, 2010

Boogie-oogie-oogie-woogie dancing shoes!

I’m not dead, I swear!

This weekend I attended the wedding of my beautiful sister-in-law, and boy was I pooped! We were up way early to get our hair done, and we danced out butts off until after 1am.  This wedding was so great, everything was planned so perfectly, and the food was amazing!  We were served a delicious soup and salad to start, and then we received this cool sight:

A raspberry sorbet palate-cleanser in a steaming teapot!  The impact of this dish was amazing – the whole room hushed when the wait staff brought out the steaming pots, and everyone said it was the coolest thing!

The entree was chicken or beef, and I heard rave reviews about both!  The desserts were amazing, and the cake!  The cake was made by a local baker, and the layer I tried tasted exactly like a coffee crisp bar.  I was so happy to be a part of this amazing wedding, and I’m so happy to welcome my new brother-in-law into the family!

Now, as happy as I was for this great couple, I had a bit of a cloud hanging over my head.  Everyone I talked to that night said that I was looking great.   Even now, looking at some pictures, I think I look ok, but on that day, I didn’t feel it.  I was feeling fat and gross, because I had to order a dress in a size that I hoped never ever to wear.  I know that bridesmaid dresses have skewed sizing, but having to pay extra for a plus-sized dress is just about the biggest hit my self-confidence has ever taken.

I posted previously about Size Healthy and I really do believe that size is just a number, but to be faced with that large of a number for the first time is a punch in the stomach.

So my question is this: What do you when you’re feeling low?  How do you boost yourself back up?

Me, I’m going to rest, run, and read.  Those 3 things never fail to make me feel better.

January 24, 2010

What a great weekend!!

This weekend, like so many others has flown by, but I had such a great time!

Yesterday morning I had a great time with my sister-in-law as she went to try on her wedding dress – gorgeous.  She is going to be SUCH a beautiful bride, I can’t wait.

After lunch I headed to the gym, and ran 4km in 38m!  it was the first time I ran for 5 consecutive minutes!  I left the gym super sweaty but with a huge smile on my face that stayed for the rest of the day!  I am so happy to be seeing an improvement in my running!

I had my girlfriends over after dinner for some drinks and a gab fest.  I love girls night!  It started off with a blast from the past – I got out my high school yearbooks and we passed them around reminiscing.  We talked and talked until 1:30am, boy was I pooped after that!

I woke up to some delicious pancakes a la husband, and we took lunch to my parent’s house.  My mom had surgery on her foot on Monday, and so I drove her to the drugstore today to pick up some necessities.  Right now, my husband is napping, and I’m watching Julie & Julia, which is making me hungry.  I’m warm, sleepy, and very relaxed.  What a wonderful weekend!

What was the best part of your weekend?  What would your ultimate weekend be??