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May 13, 2010

Yoga Pose May!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

When Tina and Kate tweeted about Yoga Pose May at the end of April, I automatically emailed them both very excitedly asking to take part.  I love to do yoga.  I haven’t been able to go to a class in almost a year, but I love the feeling of relaxation I get after yoga, plus I like to learn new poses and their names.  World, meet pictures of my giant rear.

Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana)

Start by laying on your back with your knees drawn into your chest.  Usually I like to hug my knees and roll side to side for a few moments, this really helps release my upper and lower back.

Inhale and grab the outside of each foot with the corresponding hand (grab left foot with left hand, right with right) and open your knees so they’re on either side of your chest.  Exhale and bring your feet up to be parallel with your knees, and gently push your ankles up so you feel the stretch in your calf.

As you relax into the position allow your thighs to get closer to the ground on either side of your chest.  Lengthen your back, allowing your tailbone to release into the floor, and your neck to extend away from your shoulders.

Hold the pose for 1 minute, and exhale as you release your feet down to the floor.

Notes about this pose:

  • It is one of the more awkward-looking poses to do, but boy does it feel good
  • This pose is great for runners, because it really loosens your hip and bum muscles
  • This pose is good for releasing any… (ahem) wind… you may need to get out, just hold the pose until you feel relief

So there you have my yoga pose for May!  Check out Tina’s or Kate’s list of all the poses, and try some for yourself!

What’s your favourite yoga pose or stretch? Why?

April 14, 2010

Food is Fuel

This is my new motto. When I think about how much I’d like some chips, or some fast food, I am asking myself why. Why do I want to eat this right now? Am I bored, am I seeking emotional comfort, or am I legitimately hungry. 9 out of 10 times, it’s the first two reasons. If I’m actually hungry, I will ask myself another question. Will this food fuel me for the morning/afternoon/my workout? If the answer is no, I try to seek out other options. Sometimes it’s simply stepping away from Wendy’s, and going to Subway instead, but there I know I can get whole wheat bread, and load up the veggies. Tina from Carrots N Cake posted a article about Moving Beyond Diet Foods this morning. She talks about what she has found best fuels her body, and I will be taking some of her substitutions into my own meal plans.

My main problem with fuel is breakfast. I eat a variety of breakfasts, but nothing keeps me full. I usually eat around 7am, and am hungry by 10. at 10 I have some fruit, but then have to dig into my lunch early. It feels like I’m playing catch up all day, and then I end up eating too much at dinner. Especially if I eat cereal/milk. I eat way too much of it to start with, and then I’m hungry by 9am. Not worth it! This morning I ate a biiiig bowl of strawberries, with about 1/2 cup of cereal, and a few chocolate chips, mixed with about 3/4 cup of greek yogurt. It kept me full until about 11, and I dealt with a hungry tummy until noon. When I tried oatmeal last week it did help me stay full, but I need to play with the portion size and toppings to find the best mix.

I’ve made it to 5 pm and I am absolutely starving. My lunch was a little weak, a pbj and an applesauce. I has a small bag of salt and vinegar chips at 3 too, which were basically eating very tangy air, for all they did to keep me full.

What are your suggestions for staying full? Everyone I talk to suggests something diffrent, so I’m interested in what you think!

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April 9, 2010

I feel like I just made 100 new friends!

Last night, was the 2nd week in a row I participated in the  #fitblog Tweet/Chat, and it was incredible.  Self-proclaimed “Social Media Producer/Healthy Living Advocate/Cook Chick” Katy Widrick moderated the hour-long chat and provided us with thought-provoking questions like “The definition of healthy” and “The weirdest food you’ve discovered.”

I can honestly say that the bloggers and tweeters that participated in this chat are some of the most amazing people.  Every person was supportive and insightful.  There was no negativity, which was wonderful.  When asked to brag about our recent accomplishments, the congrats and encouragement were flying so fast I could barely keep up.

Even though I’ve only been a part of it for a short time, I feel honoured to be a part of the Healthy Living community, you all are amazing!!!!

P.S. I updated the Recipes page with my Oatmeal Recipe!