Have you ever seen a drunk Chicken?

One of my favourite ways to prepare chicken is to roast it.  Aside from the easiest way in the world, the slow cooker, my favourite way to roast a chicken is on the BBQ, with a recipe for Beer Can Chicken.  We use a recipe from Bob Blumer, and it turns out great every time.

The first year we were in our house, we bought a beer can chicken holder for our BBQ.  Ours looks exactly like this, except we bought ours from President’s Choice.  It has been incredibly useful for cooking our favourite kind of chicken. What you do is:

  1. turn on BBQ to medium-high, the chicken cooks on indirect heat, so turn 1 burner on, and leave one off.
  2. examine the chicken for any parts left inside, and rinse under cold water
  3. make a dry rub for the chicken, ours included seasoning salt, lemon pepper, garlic powder, black pepper, and rosemary
  4. crack open a beer, and pour about 1/2 the bottle into the can in the middle of the holder (and then drink the rest!)
  5. set chicken atop the holder, with the legs facing downward to form a tripod
  6. rub the chicken with the dry rub
  7. place chicken on BBQ, over burner that is not lit.  The BBQ will act like an oven to cook the chicken
  8. close lid and cook for 1 hour and 15 minutes, or until the temperature of the breast is 165 degrees F (180 degrees F in the thigh) and the thigh juices run clear.
  9. Eat!

This chicken is always cooked perfectly, fall-apart tender, and very moist and delicious because of the beer.  I recommend this recipe for anyone who loves chicken, you won’t be disappointed!

What’s your favourite way to eat/prepare chicken?


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