Thursday Thoughts

This week has felt soooo long!  My hubby is working evenings this week, and it’s really disrupting our routines.  I can not wait until Friday!!!

This weekend I have plans with my mom, our annual visit to the Good Food Festival.  Every year for the past (at least) 5 years, we have gone to this show and we always have a great time!! We get to sample new and original foods, get recipes from celebrity chefs like Anna Olson and Roger Mooking from the Food Network, and more and more, we get to see the newest in organic/vegetarian/vegan/green products.  If anyone in the Toronto area wants to check it out, it’s at the International Centre!

I was out last night to celebrate my friend’s birthday, and another friend mentioned that she was reading my blog. (Hi Lori!)  We were talking about my recipes (or lack thereof) and it got me thinking.

I need some new recipes to try.  If you comment or email me your favourite recipe, I will make it!

Maybe that will be a challenge for me next week – try at least 3 new recipes!

Blog Love!

Mish at Eating Journey posted a list of bloggers that keep her going, and I thought that I would do the same.  I have discovered so many great new blogs from the Twitter #fitblog chats, so here are my newest favourites (plus Mish of course!):

Katy: The organizer of the fitblog chats, and all around awesome blogger, she’s interesting and funny!

Mary at A Merry Life: She’s the same age as me and I really relate to her posts about image and self-confidence. She celebrated a birthday and an anniversary this week, so hop on over and give her some congrats!

Tyler at HealthyandFun: We started to follow each other on Twitter, and he features yummy eats on his blog.

My long-time favourites:

Jenna at Eat Live Run: Jenna was the first blog I ever read, and I’ve been following her for at least 2 years.  Her recipes are awesome, and she always makes me smile!

Angela at Oh She Glows: I have to give mad props to my fellow Canadian Angela.  I’ve been following her from the beginning, and she is awesome! Her recipes are amazing, and her Glo Bars are incredible! She’s pretty much my blog-crush.

Check my blogroll for more amazing blogs, every one of them is amazing!

What are your plans for the weekend?  If anyone is going to the Good Food Festival, we should meet up for a hello!!


One Comment to “Thursday Thoughts”

  1. I finally found this blog through Lori’s mention haha ! Cool stuff!

    From “the sister” 😉

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