Hoppin’ on the Oatmeal train!

I’ve finally done it!  Yesterday, for the first time I made oatmeal for breakfast.

Oatmeal Picture from Quaker Oats Website – I gobbled mine too quickly to take a picture!

I got the recipe from Kath’s blog, and It was just too easy not to try! I read the recipe as making 2 servings, but maybe I did it wrong, cause there was only enough for 1! This morning I doubled the recipe, and it made enough for me and hubby to share. I added some yummy toppings at the end to make it:

Banana Bread Oats!

Recipe: (Based off of Kath’s basic whipped-banana recipe)
2/3 cup oats
2/3 cup almond milk
2/3 cup water
1/2 banana
splash vanilla

Toppings: spoonful of PB, handful of chocolate chips, and a 1/2 handful of pecan pieces.

These oats are creamy and delicious. One thing I discovered was that yesterday when I ate less oats, I wasn’t hungry for lunch until about 12:30. Today when I ate a full serving, I was super-hungry by about 10:30! What is up with that?

What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?  What keeps you full until lunch?  Post your favourite oatmeal toppings, and I will try them out this week!!

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5 Responses to “Hoppin’ on the Oatmeal train!”

  1. My fav is oatmeal. So lame, I know! 🙂 But I throw a little “excitement” in there by switching up the type of nut butter/granola/nuts/etc. That counts, right?

  2. Hey there… my first visit to your blog and a new follower on Twitter too.

    Just thought I’d say hi! 🙂


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