2010 Resolution Update

Since the first quarter of 2010 is over, I thought an update on my New Years Resolutions would be appropriate.

My goals were:

1. Be more social in real life and online:  Check! I have spent a lot more time with my friends this year than I got to last year, and it feels so good!  Online, I am slowly building my name and it’s going pretty well.  I found out that some of the “Blog all-stars” (blog-stars?) that I follow all the time are actually reading my blog, so I must be doing something right!  I hope to extend my network over the summer by attending a few conferences (Healthy Living Summit maybe??) so resolution #1 is a big check for me!

2. Run 2 half-marathons in 2010: check-in-progress! I am training for a race in May, and I am hoping against hope that I will be ready for it!  I’m starting to feel more confident about my running skills, and I’m adding distance very easily, so things are looking good!!

3.  Eat better: Half-check? I have been trying to eat better, but I always slide back to the fast-food standbys.  Not driving my car to work is helping, and I think I am going to make a weekly commitment to not buy my lunch from Wendy’s!  That is my weakness, and I WILL avoid it.  There are many many other lunch options that are more healthy, more satisfying, and cheaper. What is your go-to lunch when you’re on the go/at work? I need ideas!!

4.  Travel: Check!  Hubby and I went to the Dominican Republic in March, and it was wonderful from beginning to end!  Like I said in #1 above, I would like to travel to maybe 1 or 2 conferences in the summer/fall, and maybe a weekend to NYC in there somewhere?  We will have to see where life takes us!!

So those were the resolutions I made in January, and I think I’m doing ok so far, except for the eating.  I know that making my goals SMART is the best way to achieve them, so for resolution #3 here is the new revised goal:

  • I will get at least 6 servings of fruit/veggies each day for the month of April
  • I will not buy Wendy’s for lunch or dinner any day in April
  • I will eat out at MAX 2 times per week, depending on current social plans (rehearsal brunch and wedding coming up in the next 2 weeks!)
  • I will eat intuitively for fuel and sustenance, and not because of boredom and mindlessness.

So there you have the 1/4 year update for 2010. Did you make resolutions this year?  How are they going?


2 Responses to “2010 Resolution Update”

  1. I’m hoping to attend the Healthy Living Summit as well! Still waiting for more details on it… 🙂

    And my go to lunch is salad. Because I can make it a million different ways with stuff that I have at home. So I don’t really ever get sick of it! That sounds like a really cliche response… but it’s actually quite true…


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