Running Myths Pt 1.

Good evening and welcome to my new series!  I wanted to take on some common running myths, and if I think they have truth in them.  Todays topic: Is running cheap exercise or a money pit?

Earlier this week, Tall Mom on the Run posted about a contest to win a few of her “running essentials.”  She made the point that running is generally purported to be an inexpensive sport, but costs can quickly add up.

It’s been said that all you need to run is a good pair of shoes, but even those can run $150.00+! When you add in technical clothing, water bottles or backpacks, fuels like goos and chews, and music players and other gadgets, you can really run up a tab!  Now, I’m  not saying that you NEED any of those things to be a successful runner, I’m certain that some of the most successful runners use none of the above.  For myself, I find that the following “essentials” help me through a run:

  1. good-fitting shoes:  I am in desperate need of a new pair of shoes, will be picking up a pair this weekend hopefully!
  2. my iPod & Skullcandy earbuds:  I posted before about running without music, and while the experiment was a success, I always feel better when I have music playing.  As for the headphones, I have 2 pairs of the same earbuds, and I love them.  They’re cheap, block a lot of noise, fit well, and don’t fall out.  I have also bought them for my husband, who kept taking mine, and my mom, because my brother ran off with hers!  They both use these headphones regularly, and have no complaints.
  3. my SIGG 1L water bottle:  Gotta have water.  I drink 2 bottles-full at work per day, and then another bottle-full during/after the gym.  It keeps the water cool, and is easy to handle.  If I was running outside, I would definitely have to reconsider because it is a bit on the heavy side, and would be awkward to carry in my hand.
  4. My Garmin 305: this was a Christmas gift from my lovely parents-in-law, and I haven’t had much opportunity to try it out, but I do love seeing my heart rate change over the entire run, as well as comparing my stats from the run before.  I am really looking forward to warmer weather so I can really work this out.

Those are the “essentials” that I feel help me succeed when I’m running, what are your running/workout essentials?  Need your tunes, or love the silence of a run?  Do you run in the most current tech clothes, or in a pair of comfy sweats?  Let me know!

P.S. Enter Tall Mom’s “Running Essentials” contest to win some of her favourite gear!


3 Responses to “Running Myths Pt 1.”

  1. Cool post!! Thanks for the mention.. Not to mention socks that cost $10-20 a pop, race fees, travel fees, seasonal gear, etc… I run in some great gear, but I have been very blessed by some amazing companies. I have found that Target, Ross, TJMax, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack have some really great running gear. One thing I NEVER go cheap in is shoes…

  2. Hi! I agree with you, it all adds up! And running fee’s for races can be ridiculous sometimes. I thought about running the Berlin Marathon in Germany (I live in the Netherlands) but the fee turned out to be 80 euro’s ($109)!! And I love to buy new running gear. I used to run in sweats, but found out real running clothes are far more comfortable.


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