I think I might actually be a runner now…

I ran my longest distance on Wednesday, 5km(3.1mi)!  It took me 46 minutes, running 2, walking 1.  This feels like a HUGE accomplishment for me.  When I ran for the first time in September 2009, I did 2 miles in 40 minutes, running 1, and walking 2/3/4 minutes in between.  Since then, I had a bout with Runner’s Knee, which I now know was from pushing myself too hard at the beginning.  I have also had some pain in my ankles during/after running, which has hindered my progress a lot.

Nevertheless, I feel like I can actually call myself a runner now.  Why now?  In the past week, I have caught myself thinking “when is the next time I can go running?” or “when can I squeeze some time at the gym for a run?” or “I can’t wait until Saturday, when I have more time for a longer run!”  Up until September, I never would have imagined that these thoughts would cross my mind, and now, I can’t wait until my next run!

I haven’t lost any of my post-wedding weight since I started to run, having also gradually changed my diet to include more fresh fruit and veg, and less fast and processed foods.  However, I have noticed some physical changes.  Firstly, my butt.  I have noticed that it is firmer now that it was before, my husband says it looks like a “yoga butt” now.  I have also noticed changes in my calves and thighs – muscle definition where there was none before.  All in all, I think I’m actually starting to buy into this running business, and hopefully creating some life-long habits in the process.

Also: I’m updating my blog roll today, all of these bloggers inspire me in some part of my life, so share the blog love with them!


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