I like to move it move it!

Music plays a huge part in my life.  Music can motivate, calm, soothe, rev-up, or relax me.  All through public & high school I played at least 1 instrument, and was very involved with different bands and groups.  During this time, I made some of the best friendships I ever had, and I really feel that having music in my life helped me get the grades I did in school.

The best way to describe what music does for me is to say that it filters out the “background noise” in my brain, allowing me to focus on the task at hand.  This can be anything from housework, to working on spreadsheets at work, even exercise.  When I’m running, I like music with great beats, good rhythm, and words that are easy to learn.  I often find myself mouthing the worlds to a song through a particularly tough interval.  Here is my current playlist:

Gymplaylist 011810

As you can see, there is a good deal of rap/hip-hop, I’m also really loving Lady GaGa’s high intensity, and of course, the songs from the Glee soundtrack!  I keep the playlist on shuffle, so it’s a surprise every time, and it never fails that just when I’m ready to give up, one of my favourite songs comes on, and it keeps me going.

So what are your favourite songs to get sweaty to?  Any particular genre?  Anything you really hate?  I’m always on the lookout for new tunes, so please, share!


3 Comments to “I like to move it move it!”

  1. I love the playlist! It reminds me to download more Cake into my itunes…

  2. The information you provided is very intresting thanks for the great tips

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