2010 fitness goals

The community at FitSugar (too bad I can’t enter their contest!) is talking about 2010 fitness goals, and I thought I would share mine with you. You already read my new year’s resolutions, here is my fitness plan for the coming year.

1. get into running shape. Since starting to run in September, I have really enjoyed the mental benefits of running. I always leave the treadmill feeling better that I did when I got on (Emotionally at least). I fall into the rhythm of my feet and my breathing and zone out. If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I ran my first sub-15 minute mile earlier this week. That is a huge accomplishment for me, but there is still far to go. My next goal is to run for 5 minutes straight without stopping.

2. Run 2 half-marathons in 2010. I am registered for the Toronto Women’s 1/2 in May, and I am working hard to get myself in running shape. There is another race in late October/early November that I would love to run, because it’s in my hometown, and the route along the lake is very nice.
3. Be able to do 25 “manly” pushups. Right now, I can do 1. Kind of. I’m thinking about doing the 100 pushup challenge. Anyone want to join me?

I feel that all of these things will help me towards my major goal of feeling fit enough to start a family, which is a goal I wish to accomplish approximately 18 months from now.

What are your goals for 2010? Anyone else running the same race as me? Share!


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